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Rates Assembly

At the Rates Assembly held on 2nd August, and after 9 years of maintaining the same rate, St Helier parishioners voted to increase the rate from 1.15p to 1.25p per quarter (8.7%).

Having approved the Annual Accounts, the Assembly received a comprehensive briefing on the Budget Estimates for 2023-24, and after much discussion approved them.

When setting the Rate for 2023-24, the Assembly:

§   Was sensitive to the current impact that inflation was having for both the Parish and households

§   Noted that the Parish had already delivered some savings and would continue to review its operations

§   Agreed to allocate part of the Rates Reserve to cushion some of the impact of inflation to ratepayers

§   Noted that officers would look to further increase non-rates income for future years

The Constable thanked all those who attended the Rates Assembly, including Mr James Gray CA who had been instrumental in preparing the Accounts and Budget Estimates.