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Halkett Street refurbishment

The Parish of St Helier’s Roads Committee has approved plans for the refurbishment of Halkett Street.

At the August Roads Committee meeting, members unanimously voted in favour of the scheme proposed by the Parish’s Infrastructure Department.

The surface of this pedestrianised road will be completely replaced using a combination of local and imported stone. New heritage lighting will be included as well as planting and seating, with the introduction of a ‘water station’. The works are scheduled to take place in January next year, subject to the Parish’s request for co-funding from Government’s Infrastructure Department being approved.

The Committee has already approved the changing of the road’s name to ‘Rue Ivy Forster’ to commemorate the important contribution of Ivy Forster, the Island’s first female States Member, and, if approved, this will also avoid the current confusion with Halkett Place. It was further agreed that the street sign should read ‘Rue Ivy Forster, previously Halkett St’. This matter will be taken to Parish Assembly for approval on Wednesday 30th August.

St Helier Constable, Simon Crowcroft, said: “I am pleased that the Committee has supported the next step in these proposals to refurbish an area of town that has been the source of lots of complaints. I am hopeful that the Government will make good its agreement to provide financial support to urban regeneration schemes of this sort.”

For further information please contact Head of Engagement & Town Centre Manager, Connor Burgher, at [email protected] or 07700 322550.