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Oversized vehicles (P30)Boulants bein grands (P30)

To be able to travel on Jersey roads, some vehicles (this includes both the drawing vehicle and the trailer) which are oversized must hold a P30 permit. For a list of these vehicles see Vehicles which need exemption permits (P30) for Jersey roads (

The Inspector of Motor Traffic may issue a P30 permit allowing such vehicles to travel on specified routes, but this permit does NOT allow the vehicle or trailer to be used on a parish by-road unless written permission of the Connétable of the parish has been obtained.

To apply to use a P30 vehicle on a parish by-road, write to the Connétable of the parish with:

  • Details of the vehicle to be used (enclose a copy of the P30 permit)
  • The names of the road(s) on which you wish to use the vehicle
  • The time(s) when you wish to use the vehicle on the road(s)

The Connétable will decide whether or not to permit the use on the by-roads and may impose conditions on a permit. A copy of the Connétable’s written permission must be carried by the driver in the vehicle.