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Westmount Day NurseryLa Noss’sie du Mont ès Pendus

Westmount Day Nursery is a 52-place nursery donated to the Parish of St Helier by the Lions Club in 1973.

Situated at the bottom of Westmount Road, next to People’s Park, and within walking distance to town, the Waterfront, and local parks and beaches, our Nursery’s great location enables staff to take the children on visits to explore local areas in their six-seater wagon and minibus.

A unique part of our Nursery is supporting parents to gain flexibility, Westmount being the only nursery in Jersey to charge an hourly rate for child care. We recently adopted “The Curiosity Approach” to learning, which aims to give children their freedom back by igniting their natural curiosity and imagination whilst embedding awe and wonder. In addition to this, children also get weekly yoga, they’re treated to hot meals provided by the chefs at St Ewold’s Residential Home, and are supported by the most experienced nursery team on the Island.