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Disabled Parking (Blue Badges)La Parqu’thie ès Êstropiés (Blius Êtchussons)

How do I know if I qualify for a Blue Badge permit?

If you have a permanent substantial disability, which means you cannot walk or find walking considerably difficult or are registered blind with the Jersey Blind Society Incorporated, then you are eligible for the Blue Badge Disabled Parking Scheme.

How do I apply for a Blue Badge?

Please complete the Blue Badge Application Form which can be downloaded from this page or can be collected from the Town Hall. The forms will usually include a section that your doctor is required to complete or, if you have impaired sight, you will need to produce a letter from EYECAN.

You will also need to include two recent passport-type photographs, both of which need to be signed on the back, and a fee of £15.

How do I renew my Blue Badge?

Please complete the Blue Badge application form and specify in the required section that the application is for a renewal. Forms are available from the Town Hall or available to download on this website. To renew your Blue Badge, your old badge must be submitted before the Customer Services Team can issue you with your new one.

Always allow plenty of time to renew your Badge as fast track applications for this service are not available. However, if your Badge is close to expiring the team will always do their best to renew it as soon as possible.

How do I pay the fee for application/renewal?

The £15 fee can be paid by cash or cheque sent by post with your application form, or in person by cash or card at Customer Services in the Town Hall.

How do I display my Blue Badge?

The Blue Badge must be displayed on top of the dashboard of the vehicle with the front of the Badge (the side showing the wheelchair symbol) facing forward. The relevant details should be clearly visible from the outside of the windscreen.

Failure to display the Badge correctly will result in a parking penalty being issued.

When requested by a parking official, you must show your photograph on the back of the Badge to confirm your identity.

How long does my Badge last before it expires?

A Blue Badge will last up to a maximum of three years from the date of issue.

Where can I park using my Blue Badge?

For information regarding parking locations and how long you can park using a Blue Badge please visit the Disabled Parking page on the website or view the Blue Badge Scheme Explanatory Notes. Please note that the Blue Badge Explanatory Notes were last updated in 2018 and some locations may have changed.

Can I use my Blue Badge in another country?

Please head to the Blue Badge page on the UK Government website for information. We advise that you contact the local authorities where you are travelling to for confirmation.

Can I use a Blue Badge from another country in Jersey?

All European-style Blue Badges are accepted in Jersey. Badges outside the EU can be used at the discretion of the parking authority. Individual inquiries should be made to the States’ Growth, Housing and Environment department’s Parking Control office in Sand Street Car Park by telephoning 01534 448660.


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