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Holding an event in St HelierLa couôrrie d’s êvénements à Saint Hélyi

St Helier proudly maintains a number of town centre sites, parks, and open spaces throughout the Parish (including the Town Hall) which can be used for public events and by outdoor fitness operators.

We would like to know about your event as soon as possible, as the more notice we have the more chance we have of being able to overcome any potential problems which may arise. As a general rule, we would normally require at least 4 weeks’ notice.

Apply to stage an event

It is very easy to apply to stage your event: just email Connor Burgher, Town Centre & Events Manager, at p[email protected] with details of the event, along with the relevant paperwork as requested. We will check to make sure that your proposed event does not clash with anything else happening in the Parish, and that the area you would like to use to hold your event is available.

Following this, you may need to contact the Bailiff’s Office for their approval. Once approved, we will request a deposit to confirm the site booking for a larger event. For a new event, 6 months’ notice is required. It is the event organiser’s responsibility to contact other agencies such as the Honorary Police.

If you wish to hand out flyers or leaflets, please complete our Distribution of Flyers form.

For more information on holding an event and other related topics, including banners, temporary signage and pricing, please view our Events Information Brochure.

Plastic Free Jersey

As part of the Parish of St Helier’s commitment to “Plastic Free Jersey”, we request that all event organisers ensure that they do not use single-use plastic at their events. Event organisers are encouraged to join “Plastic Free Jersey” which demonstrates your commitment to improving the environment.


Events Information Brochure (PDF)

Apply for Distribution of Flyers (PDF)