There were changes to kerbside recycling collections. For more info click here 

Kerbside recycling – dos and don’ts

Kerbside recycling has reverted back to a two-bag system. If your recycling is contaminated or not inside the designated bags your recycling will not be collected.

Please familiarise yourself with what items can be put in each bag. This is also displayed on the physical recycling bags. Please ensure that only what is displayed on the bag goes into the bag. If the recycling team can see that a bag is obviously contaminated with other items then the bag will not be collected.

Please ensure any cardboard is flattened and put inside a blue bag. Any cardboard which is not flattened and inside a blue bag will not be collected.

Please ensure that no food waste is put into either bag. Any bags that have been obviously contaminated with food waste will not be collected.