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Storm Ciarán – Parish road closures

Last updated at 1715 on 03/11/2023

The Parish Teams have been working tirelessly during this recovery phase to reopen roads, clear debris and assess damage.

Whilst we are aware that there are a lot of trees down, we are prioritising clearing highways and main access routes and are doing what we can with the resources that we have. It may be a couple of days until we reach your area so we please ask that you are patient with our teams.

We urge all Islanders to please drive and walk with caution as there may still be some roads that are closed and not on the list, and there is still a lot of debris on the road, pavements and pedestrian areas.

Latest road closures

South Hill

Claremont Road

La Rue de la Vallee – now open and passable up to Trinity

Le Rousseaux



Vallée des Vaux – now passable but lots of debris from fallen trees.

La Fredée Lane – now open

La Pouquelaye pavement is blocked

Rouge Bouillon – now clear

Ruette Pinel

Val Plaisant

Springfield – reduced to one lane

Mount Cochon – now open

Le Mont Neron

Clare Street

Westhill – now open