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Storm Ciarán – General Update 1745 03/11/2023

The Parish teams have made great progress today in clearing the main access routes including the reopening of West Hill, Grand Vaux and Mount Cochon.

The road sweepers have been out and cleared debris from the major highways.

The team will continue to work throughout Saturday clearing the roads and will continue to prioritise areas of particular danger and where access is blocked. Clearing pavements will also be a priority to ensure the safety of pedestrians as well as vehicles.

Please continue to be patient with our teams as they work tirelessly through this recovery phase.

Forecast for the weekend

Whilst there are strong winds forecasted for Friday and Saturday these will not reach the speeds seen on Wednesday and Thursday. There may be some more damage where the previous storm has weakened trees, etc. and we will continue to keep you updated on the Parish social accounts and

Weekend activities

We urge you to please consider your activities over the weekend carefully. The advice is still for islanders to stay home and to only make necessary journeys to allow the teams to continue clearing the roads. If you do go out please proceed with caution both in vehicles and on foot as there is still a lot of debris on the road and there may still be unstable branches, roof tiles, etc.

Public parks

The public parks are still open to Islanders however we please ask that you use the parks with caution as there are still a large number of trees down that our team has not been able to attend to yet. Please do not let dogs or children climb on the trees as they may be unstable and could cause injury. The play parks at St Andrew’s Park and Parade Park have been cleared for use by the Infrastructure Team.

A message from Constable Crowcroft in the aftermath of Storm Ciarán