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St Helier’s Roads Committee objects to Randalls Planning application

Parish of St Helier, Town Hall

Following the meeting of the St Helier Roads Committee on 15th November, the Parish has requested the Planning Committee not to approve an application by Randalls Ltd (P/2023/1037) to construct 30 new apartments in Clare Street due to inadequate car parking.

While the development is to be provided with 82 cycle parking spaces, only 13 parking spaces are proposed for the development which consists of 14 one-bedroom, 14 two-bedroom and 2 three-bedroom units. The unanimous decision by the Roads Committee came on the same day the Environment Minister published new Supplementary Parking Guidance which encourages developers to reduce car parking provision in residential developments.

Chairman of the Roads Committee, St Helier Constable, Simon Crowcroft, said: “The Committee has argued for years that there are far too many developments in St Helier being approved by the Planning Department with a significant lack of car parking. This discriminates against residents – especially families – who need to have access to a car. Town dwellers generally don’t use their cars to commute to work or for the school run, but they should enjoy the same rights to the independence provided by car ownership as people living in other parishes. The lack of parking in St Helier is already a critical issue for residents and visitors, and is also damaging businesses in St Helier, as residents who own a car have no choice but to use car parks, making it more difficult for shoppers and other visitors to the town.” 

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