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Parish withdraws street naming proposal

The Constable of St Helier, Simon Crowcroft, has decided not to proceed with the renaming of Halkett Street as Rue Ivy Forster. The matter was due to be debated by the Parish Assembly on Wednesday 30th August.

Explaining his reasons, the Constable said he had received concerns from a number of retailers in the area, as well as recognizing a general lack of public support for the name change.

‘We had thought that the refurbishment of Halkett Street would be an ideal opportunity to rebrand this important part of the town centre whilst also removing any confusion between Halkett Place and Halkett Street.

‘However, I recognise that there is little support for a name change at the moment, and the refurbishment of Halkett Street is too important a project for it to be sidetracked by the renaming proposal.’

The St Helier Roads Committee originally proposed the renaming as part of its efforts to mark the centenary of women obtaining the right to vote in Jersey and, at the same time, a portrait of Ivy Forster was unveiled in the Town Hall on the main staircase.

‘Both Ivy Forster and Caroline Trachy before her took important steps towards the States Assembly we see today, with almost 50% female representation’, said the Constable.

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