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St Helier Cycle to Work

Visite du Branchage et Chemin

The Parish of St Helier’s Roads Committee will carry out its second Branchage visit on Friday 13 September 2024.

We would like to remind occupiers of land bordering public roads in the Parish that they are required to trim hedges and branches, cut overhanging trees, and remove other encroachments, including all cuttings and trimmings, to give a clearance of 12 feet over main roads and by-roads and 8 feet over footpaths.

We would like to thank parishioners in advance for complying with Branchage requirements – your support helps keep our roads and footpaths safe for everyone to use. It is important to remember that an administrative penalty may be levied for each infraction where appropriate action is not taken.

For further guidance please follow the links below or get in touch by calling 01534 811811 or emailing [email protected].

  1. Full set of guidelines in English
  2. Condensed set of guidelines in English 
  3. Condensed set of guidelines in Portugese
  4. Condensed set of guidelines in Polish