St Helier Town Hall in Jersey

Election for Centenier

IN ACCORDANCE WITH Article 22 of the Elections (Jersey) Law 2002, Electors are hereby notified that the following election will be held on WEDNESDAY 13 December 2023:

• an election for two persons to fill the office of Centenier in the Parish of St Helier

How to cast your vote
Please have with you photographic identification as this may be requested before you are allowed to vote.

The polling station will be open on Wednesday 13 December 2023 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
If you are registered to vote in this election, the polling station will be the Town Hall, York Street, no matter where you live in St Helier.

POSTAL VOTING: There is no postal voting facility in a Centenier Election.

There is no pre-poll voting facility in a Centenier Election.

Please contact the Parish for advice or refer to the Parish website if you have any questions.

If, on polling day, you are confined to your home owing to illness or disability or because you are the carer of a person who is ill or disabled and you wish to have your vote recorded, please notify the Autorisé or Adjoint at the Polling Station by noon, if possible, but no later than 5p.m., on Wednesday 13 December 2023.

Only those electors who have registered by 12noon on Tuesday 31st October 2023, may vote in the election for Centenier.

Electors of St Helier may vote for TWO persons to fill the office of Centenier and the three candidates are:


CURTIS David George


SCAIFE Daniel Winston

Electoral District: Parish of St Helier, incorporating St Helier North, Central and South
The Polling Station for this election is: Assembly Room, Town Hall, York Street, St Helier

The count: for this election votes will be counted in the Assembly Room, Town Hall, York Street, St Helier

The Town Hall will remain open for usual business on polling day Wednesday 13 December 2023.

Alison Roberts, Parish Secretary
Electoral Administrator, Parish of St Helier

Date: 27 November 2023